The Jacksonville Chapter of NAACP requests the Board to issue a travel advisory to the Sunshine State. They say that the laws and policies of Gov. Ron DeSantis are harsh and repressive.

Racism Isn’t A Joke

While the National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) works to remove all barriers of racial discrimination to ensure that the educational and political equality of minority group citizens is maintained to eliminate prejudice, Gov. DeSantis signs a bill to limit and opens up new guidelines involving race-based discussions in schools and businesses.

Solidarity Against Hate

NAACP upholds that the request for travel advisory that shoots from Gov. DeSantis’ legislation concerning race, gender identity, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Isaiah Rumlin, the Jacksonville Chapter President says that the civil rights organization must take a stand. He feels that when implemented, this legislation will have a vast impact on the economy of Florida State.

While the governor is on his goblin tour, Daniel Imperato feels that the legislation is unjust and will have a chilling effect. It may even end up encouraging the continued presence of racism in the United States.

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“Pay heed to Civil Rights espoused by the U.S. Constitution alongside Biblical Foundations.”

Ardent Civil Rights Advocate & Civil Liberties Supporter

The Late Jesse Epps, a lifetime member of the NAACP, was an Advisor to President Lyndon B Johnson’s White House team from 1964-1968 in regard to the participation of minorities, students, and young people in the Government and the Democratic Party.

Way back in 2008, Jesse Epps had said – “Daniel Imperato is a ‘Man for the Cause’, who believes in living up to America’s Principles ‘that all men are created equal as endowed by the creator.”

And that “Imperato is a man who believes in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. He is a blessed man who is here on a mission. I support him wholeheartedly and look to help him reach out to every family in America to revive the country,” said the Late Jesse Epps for Daniel Imperato.

Civil Rights Imperato 2024

True to the word, Imperato is determined to revive Jesse Epps’s efforts and take forward Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream to the next level. He is back here again in the 2024 Presidential race and has coined the RAPA (Revive America’s Prayer Again) movement to espouse the cause. He disposes of drastic views and attitudes on ethnicity held by various people and groups in the United States.

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