Leading the way to a brighter day, Daniel Imperato will soon be announcing his run for the 2024 Presidency. It is just a matter of a few days before he formally announces his candidacy. Imperato is keenly watching the tussle and the futility of aspirants pushing and pulling each other instead of inspiring the people of America to unitedly stand upright for the country.

Daniel Imperato is a stanch Democratic Republican Independent Constitutionalist who understands the pulse of the nation. He believes in the people and the immortal prayer called America,

But the big question is which party will Imperato align with? My guess is we will have to wait and see what he does in the upcoming federal election filing to run for the presidency.

Imperato had run for the US Presidency once earlier in the year 2008. And what followed the attempt is every citizen’s concern. The political mafia out there is ready to grab you by the collar and bereave you of inalienable and sacred democratic rights promised by the US Constitution. And recent developments only suggest that the very soul of America is under threat.

Shake’Em Up With Action

Imperato has got better off the detested offence. He has learned and accelerated his political experience as a pro se litigant filing certiorari in the Supreme Court to review an order passed by a Family Court for Parents and Child rights to be protected and upheld by representatives of the court under an official oath.

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Imperato was called the People’s President in 2008. He paid in full for all that he went through following his candidancy.

After years of persecution and perseverance, he championed pro se litigations and protections promised to all US citizens under the Constitution. It is pertinent that you follow his lead to protect your civil and constitutional rights as per laws laid down by our founding fathers.

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Come Together As One

From the White House to his house and your house, Imperato is determined to protect every American citizen from political mafia and judicial tyranny.

Imperato says – “As fundamental rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness guaranteed by the constitution are denied and undermined by certain groups of unlawful representatives in cohesion with courts ruin our lives, it would be most appropriate to indoctrinate the four pillars of civil rights into the curriculum along with prayer and study from childhood onwards. Vis a vis, Freedom of Speech and Expression, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Fear, and Freedom from Want, that are basics to our daily life.”

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“I have endured and suffered in life just like you do. We are together in the thick and thin of life as one. I feel your pain and understand well. And let me tell you that United We Stand and Divided We Fall.”

“I need your support and cannot win over the elite and established candidates who have no clue of your struggles and daily fight for living a decent life. We the people of the United States owe this to each other.” So let us jointly pledge to stand up for a genuine cause to

“Awaken The American Dream”

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Leadership In Action, Not Position

The pledged American dream is out of order at present, and Imperato wants to put it back where it belongs. Moving up from the foundation and not top down. He is committed to serve the best interests of the people and the country to strengthen and restore familial dignity in God’s favor, or we will lose our birthrights as a nation.

Imperato calls upon you to join the RAPA (Revive America’s Prayer Again) Movement and take an active part in electing the next President of the United States of America. He is one amongst you, so become a part of the committee and volunteer or represent the campaign.


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Restore the Constitutional Rights in Our Federal System of Government. For All the People, All the Time & Every time

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Penned by Dr. Fr. Daniel JP Imperato.

This book is a true account of what Imperato had to go through following his decision to run for US Presidency in 2008.

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