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Imperato is the most ideal candidate in the present circumstances to ‘Revive the American Prayer. He is a Learned Man of God who is more like a Trump & Biden stitched together. Imperato is a Papal Knight and holds an honorary doctorate in Foreign Affairs. His understanding of the world and its working is incomparable. None of these qualities had ever been seen in a U.S. President to date. With over 45 years of global experience concerning businesses, he is a responsible global citizen and recipient of several awards and honours, including the Papal Knight from the Vatican, Knight of Malta – Coptic Order, The Grand Priorate of Orden Bonaria for the U.S., Canada, Argentina, Spain, and much more.

Imperato understands how business, politics, and religion integrate into global cultures. He is in fact a perfect mix of recognition and experience. Juanell Teague(Zig-Ziglar Trainor) discovered way back and aptly coined him as a “Street Smart for God.” He is most qualified and bound to deliver with his wisdom and training. Imperato brings exceptional leadership and had run for U.S. Presidency in 2008, (old web site halls of congress with all old press releases) but then he was held back due to false cases filed against him by the prevailing political Mafia. His creative skills in global business, religious matters, and political affairs are noteworthy. America can immensely benefit from Daniel Imperato’s unique experience.

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