Daniel Imperato

The moot question is – “Will he be able to overtake Trump?”

Quite possible, with Donald Trump mired in an array of legal tangles,many within the Republican fold now increasingly feel that Trump’s pardon is ‘Inappropriate.’ Although prosecuting Trump could be perilous, ignoring him would be worse.

What if Trump is found guilty after winning the GOP nomination?

Hutchinson, for one, feels that pardoning during a Presidential campaign will not be ‘Just’, or serve well for the system. Although he cuts a sharp contrast with other Republicans in the race.

Daniel Imperato, a neighbor of Trump for over 30 years, is a global businessman, and a staunch Biblical Constitutionalist with worldwide experience. Backed by the Late Civil Rights Activist Jesse Epps way back in 2006, Imperato is also the winner of the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal and the NRCC Businessman of the Year Awards.

Unlike Trump who is succumbing now, Daniel JP Imperato successfully went through judicial oppression unleashed and hounded by the political mafia when he first decided to run as an independent candidate for the U.S. Presidency in 2008. Eventually, baptized by the ordeal Imperato emerged a winner beyond challenge.

Imperato recently filed as a Republican Independent candidate for the 2024 U.S. Presidency. Blessed as a Papal Knight,Coptic Order Knight of Malta, Grand Priorand Friar of Orden Bonariafor the United States and Canada, Daniel Imperato is a fighter and a protector of human rights, child rights, and parental rights. He is an ardent supporter and advocates drastic solutions for education, social security, healthcare, and judicial reforms.

With business and travel experience over 150 countries worldwide in the last 45 years, Imperato knows the world like the back of his hand. He has been involved in politics,both nationally and globally, and is ready to take on the job as the President from day one. No challenge is too big or questionable for him to respond.He hasin-depth knowledge of the Geo-Political landscape and the emerging issues worldwide. Imperato is well versed and capable of handlingany number of tasks in hand.He is an ideal blend of Bidenomics and Trumpism to create an apolitical storm. Daniel is a man of God and his call is for “GOD to Lead the Way.”

Ron DeSantis in contrast holds no water. The Florida Governor with his innate understanding of the fast-changing world around him is most likely to fall out in time.

Better late than never, Daniel Imperato campaigned and studied the political landscape across the country to choose his future course of action. He is not a novice to politics. He is well-educated and advanced, and has discernment alongside in-depth knowledge of the political, religious, and global business environments. And with his recent announcement as an Independent Republican candidate, he is all set to take the bull by the horn.

Experience is the best teacher, after all. Danny is all set to utilize his skills to defend the inherent U.S. Constitution and the American people on a global front. After years of jousting and representing independent voters, Imperato adds a lot of value to the Republican kitty. This is why enlightened citizens and big money should support Imperato who brings along and champions the ethos distinguished by the United States and the Free World.

With prayer and serious commitment, Daniel Imperato can usher in and deliver the much-needed change required within the American political sphere. Provided, we citizens of this great nation are wiser when choosing the right candidate to be the next President of the United States.

Better late than never, it is time to seriously consider Daniel JP Imperato as a Republican Independent nominee to the White House in 2024.

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