Biden supported campaign finance reforms including the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act. Alongside overturning the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement (Citizens United) Act.

He promised to enforce the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, student tax credits, and the carbon emissions cap and trade. Biden promised increased infrastructure spending as well. Better said than done!

Daniel Imperato Can Do Far Better

As an Independent Democrat, Daniel Imperato can forcefully compete with Joe Biden and the rest of the candidates in the upcoming U.S. Presidential race. Imperato is more suitable as his understanding of the whole global community is way beyond what Biden could perceive. Given a chance in 2024, Imperato can carry forward the Biden torch and do far better.

The global scenario mercilessly affects our daily lives as business, religious, and political aspects are intricately intertwined. The incumbent American President must therefore be able to comprehend the global footprint to lead and successfully revive the American dream.

Biden, being a career politician, fails to do a decent job after years of association with the establishment. His understanding of global business and religion is limited, although he has clumsily tried to strengthen transatlantic alliances encompassing collective security.

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The U.S. Foreign Policy

In spite of who occupies the White House, the foreign policy of the United States must protect the interest of the Americans. The president must unequivocally advance democracy, human rights, and other American interests across the world. He should unfailingly promote American Values and Policies.

The three most prominent goals of the US foreign policy must obviously include security, prosperity, and the creation of a better world. The protection of America’s interests and its citizens is primary. It is a perennial concern, although America has tried to achieve security in different ways all through in the recent past.

Imperato Understands

As an Independent Catholic trained alongside Christian principles, Imperato understands the world like the back of his hand. He has visited nearly 150 nations and circled the world many times over on his own.

Imperato is never spoon-fed, but he learns through personal experience. He experiences both, the masses and the elitist ways of life. Although Imperato appears to be conservative for the people, he is in fact a very strong frugal conservative.

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