West Palm Beach, FL – January 25, 2006 – In today’s address, 2008 Presidential Candidate Daniel Imperato briefly outlined his stance on Hamas, Hezbollah, Abbas, and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.

“I once again stand for the USA and its people as well as the people of the world pertaining to peace and unity by and between all people. I call on Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to stand tall and to be firm on his actions against Hamas and Hezbollah and prevent their infiltrating the Palestinian government, administration, and way of life,” stated Imperato.

Imperato also wanted Mahmoud Abbas to know how important it was for him to denounce terrorism and terrorist organizations such as Hamas, and Hezbollah.

“I stand on Mahmoud Abbas to be a strong Palestinian leader and to demand peace and unity by and between all people in the region and to denounce openly and publicly terrorists, terrorist organizations, and anyone or any country that has to deal with funding these people and organizations that continue to cause unrest in the region,” expressed Imperato.

Imperato also added that no matter how much land was given to the Palestinians, mutual respect is the necessary ingredient for peace in the region.

“No matter how much land is given to Palestine as the Palestinian state and how many other concessions are given away there will never be peace in the region without mutual respect between the people and an educational system teaches children love and respect for your neighbor,” explained Imperato.

After the recent bombings in Northern Israel, Imperato wanted everyone to know that he believed Hamas and Hezbollah participated with al-Qaeda’s attacks.

“I come out to the American people and the people of the rest of the world, to say that I believe that Hamas and Hezbollah and other related organizations within the region have not participated in the al-Qaeda attack in northern Israel as well as Zarqawi’s attempts to enter the region. The reason for this is clear, and I hope and pay that Hamas and Hezbollah also see the writing on the wall,” asserted Imperato.

The interests of Hamas and Hezbollah, according to Imperato, were contrary to those of al-Qaeda.

“The Palestinian issue with Israel has been pertaining to a land, a culture, and a major business organization of making money through terror and weapons supplies and banking in the region. I do not believe that Hamas and Hezbollah to will participate with the al-Qaeda organization based upon the fact that their business of being terrorist organizations is based on the interests of the region pertaining to ownership of land for the Palestinian people. This is not the same as terrorists in the world against human rights and against freedom,” explained Imperato.

Imperato also called for an assessment of what is peace in the region.

“I call on the United States of America and its leadership to stop the negotiations pertaining to the Palestinian Israeli-land for peace and to reevaluate the real true meanings of peace in the region. I call on Abbas, to accept this opportunity to restructure his own administration to adhere to the future demands of the global community pertaining to peace in the region,” said Imperato.

Imperato also called on world organizations to further understand the situation.

“I call on Nigel Roberts, the World Bank representative in the West Bank and Gaza Strip who has said recently that the PA is on the verge of functional bankruptcy, to recognize the fact that the Palestinian Authority needs to improve their culture and work ethics to eliminate terrorism from their menu before they are able to achieve success,” stated Imperato.

“I also call on the World Bank, the IMF, the United Nations, and all other government bodies including the US to look at the specific difference between the al-Qaeda organization and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the terrorist organizations related to them.”

With an understanding of the organizations, Imperato stated that they will see that organizations like Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda make their money of weapons and drugs such as the poppy.

“The al-Qaeda organization has been built up by a man named Bin Laden, who was a very wealthy person to begin with, who turned his money to the poppy business and from the poppy business became a drug lord, from a drug lord became a financier, and created a global movement based upon the laundering of drug money with his initial inheritance money from his family,” explained Imperato.

Additionally, Imperato added that Bin Laden’s organization is desperately trying to establish a presence in Palestine and Israel.

“The al-Qaeda organization is out to destroy the world based upon the beliefs of their leader Bin Laden and their followers throughout the organization. This organization is actually built very differently than those that exist in Palestine. Al-Zarqawi, the decoy, is working hand-in-hand with al-Qaeda operations in Afghanistan and trying to position the organization to shake up the Palestinian-Israeli region to create war,” asserted Imperato.

Imperato felt that the world needed to utilize more strategy in dealing with the various situations in the Middle East, as well as Palestine and Israel.

“I call on the United States and the rest of the world to open up their eyes and realize that we are playing into their hands by meddling with the region and now squeezing Iran. In addition the Palestinian conflict has gone on a long time before al-Qaeda and Bin Laden decided to attack the very freedom of the world,” said Imperato.

Whereas al-Qaeda is motivated by ideology, Imperato suggested that Hamas and Hezbollah are motivated simply by money.

“The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has to do with banking and business. The Hamas Organization and the Hezbollah organization are major terrorist corporations who are living off of monies that are funneled through the banks in the region that need to be exposed and scrutinized,” explained Imperato.

“I don’t believe that these organizations agree. I believe that they are very opposite in their missions. While al-Qaeda is a business running off of poppy seeds and laundering money, becoming a threat to society, Hezbollah and Hamas are businesses and organizations that have been planned and focused in the region for many years that are based on financial rewards and backed by certain organizations, certain manufacturing companies, certain brokerage firms, who are buying and selling weapons and certain banking institutions that are allowing money to flow through this region. It must stop.”

Based upon this premise, Imperato ordered an investigation.

“I say as the next president of the United States of America, clamp down on the banking and finance sectors in the region and do evaluation of all the money flow in and out of the region and to bring to the table the reality and fact that Hamas and Hezbollah and these organizations are run by corporations and are in the business of making money and their sales tool is terror and suicide bombings. When I become president of the United States of America, one of the things that I will do is audit the banking systems in Israel and in the region to look at the actual flow of money, where the money is derived from, and also the payment to third parties contractors to determine where the weapons are coming from,” declared Imperato.

“In addition the terrorist organizations in the Palestinian conflict are driven by money and without the conflict there will be no money to support their organizations because there will be no terror which will basically close their organizations.”

Following along this path, Imperato illustrated suicide bombers as decoys for a war without ideology and only greed and money.

“So if in fact the people of Israel and the Palestinian Authority want peace then they must denounce terrorism because the terrorism being plotted by these terrorist organizations is purely a business. They are not interested in directly terrorizing the people or even having the suicide bombers to blow people up. They are using these decoys as a way to continue operating their businesses to be able to pay their people and their leadership to live off of big salaries and huge benefits,” expressed Imperato.

“I believe that there may be a plan available to the United States of America and its leadership if they would look at the fact that money is power and power is control and that control is coming from Hamas, Hezbollah, and the affiliated terrorist organizations based upon the fact that their business is fueled by terror and their salaries are paid from terror,” said Imperato.

Imperato felt that al-Qaeda has little influence in the Palestine-Israel region, and that there is only one way they can penetrate the existing organizations of Hamas and Hezbollah.

“The only way that al-Qaeda will be able to penetrate is to bring money to support Hezbollah and Hamas. The money from al-Qaeda comes from the poppy seeds, comes from the banks where the money is hidden, and has the same derivative of proceeds as Hezbollah and Hamas. Banks for al-Qaeda however, are holding monies belonging to al-Qaeda, and are allowing money to be flowed through the banking system for them. The basis of al-Qaeda’s funding is poppy. Its time we stomp out the poppy and we cut off the vein,” declared Imperato.

Imperato suggested that the United States of America must stand up and collectively organize a group of international countries that are against drugs, and that will focus on ridding the poppy seed in Afghanistan.

Once we cut Bin Ladens finances though the poppy then we could devote more attention to diplomatic discussions with Hamas and Hezbollah.

“Our president, our administration must meet with the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah to discuss a peace initiative and a financial opportunity that will actually enhance the peace process and substitute Hamas and Hezbollah’s financial rewards based upon their salesmanship of terror,” explained Imperato.

“These organizations live off of financial rewards and feed many people and many children and without them many people would be in danger. The fuel of Hezbollah and Hamas is based upon the financial rewards distributed throughout the organization similar to a corporation. So, in order to change that situation we must get control of the corporation,” asserted Imperato.

Although the US should engage in diplomatic discussions, Imperato was angered that terrorists, Hamas and Hezbollah, were given voting rights.

“Our administration and our president George W. Bush should be ashamed at themselves to think that while the constitution of the United States of America and the voting system of the United States of America, and the democracy in our country clearly states that felons do not have the right to vote in our country. Our leadership is promoting democracy in Israel when at the same time breaking the very rules of our democracy and constitution by allowing these felons and terrorists to vote,” stated Imperato.

This type of policy, according to Imperato, was representative of the US approach to foreign policy.

“This is the typical situation that is clear as day pertaining to the wishy-washy administration politics that is being played by administration. The oxymoron of democracy is so clear not only pertaining to this issue, the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, but also pertaining to the issue in Iraq,” explained Imperato.

As he has done in the past, Imperato also called for the repayment of all monies spent by the US in Iraq.

“And furthermore, the continuance of killing soldiers and innocent Iraqis is not democracy at all. I agree with our administration that we need to assist Iraq in helping them become a successful nation. But we must do it with the rest of the world beside us because we can’t do it on our own. We must realize that time has come that we must be paid back for the $277 billion that we’ve spent and the American people must recoup back their investment in this society,” contended Imperato.

“In addition, I call on our President George Bush to stand up and to be a real leader and to sit in front of any and all prospects pertaining to unjust activities. I urge him to sit face to face with the leaders of these countries, and with the leaders of these organizations, and to confront them man-to-man, face-to-face, and to find out the exact truth of the matter instead of playing ping pong with the American taxpayers’ money,” expressed Imperato.

Imperato also called on the USA and the President to pay close attention to the destruction that they are in the process of causing pertaining to the Iran nuclear standoff situation.

“I strongly suggest our administration to stand back and use diplomatic skills to ensure peace in the region and to work closely with the UN and not to alienate them, and to work closely with the IAEA and El Baradei and not to alienate them. The US should not to take actions on its own and create its own desire to continue to deploy instability in the region,” contended Imperato.

There is a serious danger ahead pertaining to the huge continental and global divide. Our administration and our President George W. Bush are embarking on a major assault that could destroy mankind and could be the biggest act of terrorism, infecting the global community with a major economic downfall and a major worldwide separation between the United States of America and the rest of the world,” warned Imperato.

Yet through it all, Imperato wanted it to be clear that his interest is not in politics, his interest in is in being independent for the people.

“I am not here for politics; I have no role in politics. I do not care for politics. I have no sides. I am not a democrat. I am not a republican. I am an independent and I will stand in independence. I will be an independent president that will create peace, harmony, and mutual beneficial respect for all parties concerned on the globe,” commented Imperato.

Imperato finished his statement with the following remarks, “I will restore and revive the American heritage of diplomacy, good relations, and sound policy. I will revive the manufacturing sector, the jobs program, and the economic outlook of the United States of America. I stand up to state that 2007 could be the worst economic disaster in the history of our country and the history of the world and it could also be the greatest turnaround for our country. It’s all up to our administration and you George Bush to put the right cap on, and pay close attention to your ‘determination’ pertaining to the matters at hand, specifically Iran.”

About Daniel Imperato (www.daniel2008.com)
Daniel was born in Boston, Mass (1958), and began his business career in 1977 transforming the manufacturing facilities in Israel through adapting them to the global marketplace along with bringing financing to the factories for global expansion. He also operated a trading company in Singapore and owned a manufacturing company in Belgium. Daniel brings over thirty years of experience in global business planning and development and has personal relationships at high levels around the world. Daniel has consulted for Fortune 500 corporations, with a mix of product lines, consisting of telecommunications products and services, telecommunications equipment including v-sat terminals and handheld mobile satellite telephones, along with passport and identification cards services and secure documents for foreign governments around the world. He is currently a Papal Knight with honors from the Vatican, and a board member for the African Center Foundation, a United Nations NGO.

Daniel has been a resident of West Palm Beach, Fl for over 10 years, and has devoted his time towards many worthwhile causes including our youth, and HIV/AIDS. He has unique value, explosive energy and has the ability to achieve what most others cannot. Daniel is also a dedicated honorable businessperson with morals and values that are based on trust and integrity. Presently, he has organized a Presidential Exploratory Committee in order to gauge support for a possible run at the White House in 2008.

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